Monday, April 5, 2010

Promise of Spring

Whether it's getting the summer clothes from the attic for the kids or cutting those first lettuce leaves, there's something magical about the promise of warmer days.

I get a little crazy with seed organizing and recipe combing. My thoughts drift to 3' tall fresh herbs and little kids with strawberry juice on their chins. Big, sweet laughing smiles that come up all the way from the soles of their feet. Only the bright, gleaming warm sun dares to compete.

Maybe it's both. Maybe the best expression of the promise of spring is through our children. Oh how the local produce of spring sings with the same excitement!

Clean, fresh, crisp bib leaf from the local Carrboro Farmers' Market brings on the Spring madness anew. Thoughts of fresh lettuce wraps on the deck while the grill's going bring on a craving for spectacular Sauvignon Blanc at the end of a gorgeous Spring day.

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